Mako from Star Wars The Old Republic

In 2014, Lacy Chabert voiced the character in teh video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. Here, we will go in depth on the character that she played.

No one on Nar Shaddaa knows entirely where Mako originated from yet everybody concurs she was destined to be a slicer. When she was seven it was clear she had an unnatural proclivity for all things PC related and she rapidly taught herself all known programming dialects. At eight, Mako slammed the records of a Red Light Sector halfway house that was endeavoring to offer her to the most elevated bidder. With credits close by and attractive abilities she soon wound up running with a portion of the more infamous slicer packs on Nar Shaddaa.

A long time later Mako was discovered injured in a back road by a maturing abundance seeker named Braden. He required a tech pro for his group and she expected to get off the moon until the employment her “companions” had so staggeringly blown blurred a bit from memory. With Braden and his group, Mako found an affection for underground abundance seeker culture, a code of honor that gave her life structure and above all, her first genuine gang.


Mako is a female cyborg found by Braden on Nar Shaddaa. She was procured by him to give intel and tech to the Bounty Hunter in the Great Hunt which she is a specialist about.

Mako initially meets the abundance seeker when the character first lands on Hutta. Not long after, Braden and Jory are discovered dead in their base, murdered by Tarro Blood, the first principle advisary of the Bounty Hunter. She at first accuses the abundance seeker for their passings, yet after him/her requesting her to quiet down and think, she understands she was mixed up and devotes herself to avenging Braden and Jory. She keeps focused offers the abundance seeker some assistance with continueing his/her mission to get into the Great Hunt

Mako for the most part likes it when the player settles on light-side choices however charges the NPC vigorously for it. Think: soldier of fortune with a heart. She adores it when you tell the Sith that you don’t work for them and do what you need. If you want to be just like Lacey, you can go to and get a star wars adult onesie or something else like a sully onesie or stitch onesie.

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